Dr Rob Beaglehole presents an image of 20 teeth pulled out from a 21-year-old's mouth because of sugary drinks

FDI launches joint policy brief with NCD Alliance – Accelerating Action on Oral Health and NCDs

30 August 2017
Noncommunicable diseases

FDI today launched a joint policy brief with the NCD Alliance entitled "Accelerating action on oral health and NCDs".

Caries Prevention and Management Chairside Guide

CPP publishes chairside guide for dentists and presents FDI Smile Awards

29 August 2017

FDI releases visual guide for dentists and announces winners of the 2017 Smile Awards as part of the Caries Prevention Partnership (CPP).

FDI 2017 Madrid opening ceremony

Madrid becomes the capital of dentistry for the FDI World Dental Congress

29 August 2017

Thousands of dentists from around the globe are converging in Madrid, Spain, 29 August˗1 September for the 105th FDI World Dental Congress.

FDI statement on recent attack in Barcelona

18 August 2017

FDI is aware of yesterday’s attack in Barcelona and is deeply saddened by the loss of lives following this tragic event. We stand in solidarity with the people of Spain in these difficult times of unrest in the world.

Dentist standing in her practice

Statistics report reveals oral health crisis in Ireland due to cuts in state funding

02 August 2017

New data shows that the number of dental treatments funded by the national healthcare system has fallen by over 16% between 2013–2016.

SDGs - health

World Health Organization estimates cost of reaching global health targets by 2030

02 August 2017

Ninety-seven million premature deaths could be prevented globally if investments to expand services towards universal health coverage are implemented.

World Dental Congress 2017 Madrid

FDI returns to Madrid for congress, brings the world together to improve oral health

31 July 2017

With less than a month to go before our World Dental Congress, we look closely at the main highlights of this year’s event.

Network with colleagues from around the world at ADA’s annual meeting

28 July 2017
FDI Member

Make lasting connections at the American Dental Association (ADA) annual meeting in Atlanta 19–23 October.

Doctor looking into male adult patient's mouth

Session during World Dental Congress draws attention to ‘No health without oral health’

27 July 2017
Noncommunicable diseases

FDI-NCD Alliance will address how the dental community can leverage the NCD agenda to deliver on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

David Herrera

Raising awareness about periodontal disease

12 July 2017

Prof. Dr David Herrera, professor of periodontology at the University of Madrid, discusses awareness of periodontal disease, the role of the dental team in its management, periodontal emergencies and other related issues such as antimicrobial resistance in advance of the World Oral Health Forum 2017.